“The most profound technologies are those that disappear”


Mark Weiser



SIGGRAPH-ASIA 2017 dataset (link)


3d Scans, Registrations, Models, sample code to load/pose/shape the models. Versions for:

  • Hands-only
  • Body+Hands modelled/captured together



ECCV-Works. 2016 dataset (link)


RGB-D dataset of an object under manipulation. The dataset also contains input 3D template meshes for each object and output articulated models.



IJCV 2016 dataset (link)


Annotated RGB-D + multicamera-RGB dataset of one or two hands interacting with each other and/or with a rigid or an articulated object


ICCV 2015 dataset (link)


RGB-D dataset of a hand rotating a rigid object for 3d scanning

GCPR 2014 dataset (link)

Annotated RGB-D dataset of one or two hands interacting with each other


GCPR 2013 dataset (link)

Synthetic dataset of two hands interacting with each other