“The most profound technologies are those that disappear”


Mark Weiser


May 2021

Recognized as "Outstanding Reviewer" for CVPR 2021.


Mar 2021

  • Zoom talk at Imperial College London.


Feb 2021


Oct 2020

Recognized as "Outstanding Reviewer" for ECCV 2020, (among 215 out of 2830 reviewers).


July 2020

Accepted paper at ECCV 2020:


  • "GRAB: A Dataset of Whole-Body Human Grasping of Objects Constrains"
    Project Website


  • "Monocular Expressive Body Regression through Body-Driven Attention"
    Project Website


June 2020

Recognized as "Outstanding Reviewer" for CVPR 2020 (among 142 out of 3664).
Thanks to O. TaheriM. Hassan, and M. Kocabas for co-reviewing with me 1 paper each.


January 2020

Accepted paper at IJCV 2020:


  • "Learning Multi-Human Optical Flow"
    Anurag Ranjan*, David T. Hoffmann*, Dimitrios Tzionas, Siyu Tang, Javier Romero, Michael J. Black
    Project Website


September 2019

Recognized as "Outstanding Reviewer" for ICCV 2019 (among 91 out of 2506).
Thanks to V. Choutas and M. Hassan for co-reviewing with me 2 papers each.


July 2019

Accepted paper at ICCV 2019:


  • "Resolving 3D Human Pose Ambiguities with 3D Scene Constrains"
    Mohamed Hassan, Vasileios Choutas, Dimitrios Tzionas, Michael J. Black
    Project Website


Accepted paper at GCPR 2019:


  • "Learning to Train with Synthetic Humans"
    David Hoffmann, Dimitrios Tzionas, Michael J. Black and Siyu Tang
    Project Website


March 2019

Accepted papers at CVPR 2019:


  • "Learning Joint Reconstruction of Hands and Manipulated Objects"
    Yana Hasson, Gül Varol, Dimitrios Tzionas, Igor Kalevatykh, Michael J. Black, Ivan Laptev, and Cordelia Schmid
    Project Website


  • "Expressive Body Capture: 3D Hands, Face, and Body from a Single Image"
    Georgios Pavlakos, Vasileios Choutas, Nima Ghorbani, Timo Bolkart, Ahmed Osman, Dimitrios Tzionas, and Michael J. Black
    Project Website


November 2017

The dataset and models for our paper "Embodied Hands: Modeling and Capturing Hands and Bodies Together" is now online.

September 2017

Our paper "Embodied Hands: Modeling and Capturing Hands and Bodies Together" is accepted at SIGGRAPH-ASIA 2017. Project's website here (tmp link). 


January 2017

PhD thesis defended @ Uni-Bonn


August 2016

PhD thesis submitted at the University of Bonn.

Our paper "Reconstructing Articulated Rigged Models from RGB-D Videos" is accepted for oral presentation at the ECCV-Workshop on Recovering 6D Object Pose Estimation (R6D). Projet's website here.




04.08.16 Perceiving Systems - MPI for IS, hosted bt Prof. M. Black (link)
10.08.16 Microsoft Research Cambridge  
12.08.16 University of Oxford, hosted by Prof. P. Torr (link)
26.08.16 Dyson Robotics Lab at Imperial College, hosted by Prof. A. Davison  


June 2016



February 2016

Our paper "Capturing Hands in Action using Discriminative Salient Points and Physics Simulation" is accepted from the IJCV special issue "Human Activity Understanding from 2D and 3D data". Project's website here.

November 2015

The Dataset, Source-Code and several Videos and Viewers for the ICCV'15 paper have been uploaded at the project's website.

October 2015

Extended abstract for our ICCV'15 paper "3D Object Reconstruction from Hand-Object Interactions" got accepted for a poster presentation at the 1st Workshop on Object Understanding for Interaction - OUI 2015 (ICCVW 2015).

September 2015

Our paper "3D Object Reconstruction from Hand-Object Interactions" got accepted for a poster presentation at ICCV'15. Project's website here.

October 2014

One paper submitted to IJCV is under review. Project's website here.

July 2014

GCPR Paper "Capturing Hand Motion with an RGB-D Sensor, Fusing a Generative Model with Salient Points" accepted for an oral presentation (2-5 September, Münster, Germany).

October 2013

Together with Abhilash Srikantha and Domik A. Klein and Fahrettin Gökgöz, we organize the exercises of Juergen Gall's Computer Vision lecture at the University of Bonn (Computer Science department)

June 2013

GCPR Paper "A Comparison of Directional Distances for Hand Pose Estimation" accepted for a poster presentation (3-6 September, Saarbrücken, Germany).


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