“The most profound technologies are those that disappear”


Mark Weiser


International Conferences / Journals

A. Ranjan*, D. T. Hoffmann*, D. Tzionas, S. Tang, J. Romero, M. J. Black

"Learning Multi-Human Optical Flow"

IJCV 2020

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M. Hassan, V. Choutas, D. Tzionas, M. J. Black

"Resolving 3D Human Pose Ambiguities with 3D Scene Constraints"

ICCV 2019

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D. T. Hoffmann, D. Tzionas, M. J. Black, S. Tang

"Learning to Train with Synthetic Humans"

GCPR 2019

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Y. Hasson, G. Varol, D. Tzionas, I. Kalevatykh, M. J. Black, I. Laptev, C. Schmid

"Learning joint reconstruction of hands and manipulated objects"

CVPR 2019

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G. Pavlakos*, V. Choutas*, N. Ghorbani, T. Bolkart, A. A. A. Osman, D. Tzionas and M. J. Black

"Expressive Body Capture: 3D Hands, Face, and Body from a Single Image"

CVPR 2019

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J. Romero*, D. Tzionas* and M. J. Black

"Embodied Hands: Modeling and Capturing Hands and Bodies Together"


(*) Equal contribution

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D. Tzionas and J. Gall

"Reconstructing Articulated Rigged Models from RGB-D Videos"

European Conf. on Computer Vision Workshops 2016

ECCVw 2016 - Worksh. on Recovering 6D Object Pose 

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D. Tzionas, L. Ballan, A. Srikantha, P. Aponte, M. Pollefeys and J. Gall

"Capturing Hands in Action using Discriminative Salient Points and Physics Simulation"

International Journal of Computer Vision (IJCV 2016)

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D. Tzionas and J. Gall

"3D Object Reconstruction from Hand-Object Interactions"

International Conference on Computer Vision (ICCV 2015)

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D. Tzionas, A.Srikantha, P.Aponte and J. Gall

"Capturing Hand Motion with an RGB-D Sensor, Fusing a Generative Model with Salient Points"

German Conf. on Pattern Recognition (GCPR 2014)

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D. Tzionas and J. Gall

"A Comparison of Directional Distances for Hand Pose Estimation"

German Conf. on Pattern Recognition (GCPR 2013)

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International Conferences (pre-PhD)


D. Tzionas, K. Vrenas, S. Eleftheriadis, S. Georgoulis,P. C. Petrantonakis, and L. J. Hadjileontiadis

"Phantom Limb Pain Management Using Facial Expression Analysis, Biofeedback and Augmented Reality Interfacing"   (DSAI 2010)

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S. Georgoulis, S. Eleftheriadis, D. Tzionas, K. Vrenas, P. Petrantonakis, and L. J. Hadjileontiadis

“Epione: An Innovative Pain Management System Using Facial Expression Analysis, Biofeedback and Augmented Reality-Based Distraction”   (INCoS 2010)

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D. Tzionas

"Adaptive algorithms for marker detection in an image: Application in the field of Augmented Reality"

Diploma Thesis (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki)

Supervisor: Prof. Dr. L. J. Hadjileontiadis


D. Tzionas

"Capturing Hand-Object Interaction and Reconstruction of Manipulated Objects"

Ph.D. Thesis (University of Bonn)

Supervisor: Prof. Dr. L. J. Hadjileontiadis