Database Systems

The aim of the project is to present

  • A company of our own selection/invention ("Winter Swimmers" *)
  • A detailed description of the needed Database System
  • A detailed report of its design 
  • The Database system implementation (using MS SQL server)


* Our company of selection is a Sperm Bank, because there are a lot of ethical and confidentiality problems concerning its role and its services. Thus such a company is ideal to experiment with SQL and SQL Server while trying to solve all such problems.

An additional Service was implemented for further experimentation:

Each child, after coming at the age of 18, has the option to learn the identity of its father (on condition that the father has voluntarily requested this).


Project Initial Presentation
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Project Final Presentation
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Project Summary
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Database Files
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Project Report - 1
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Project Report - 2
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Teammates:     George Sfiris,  Angeliki Angeletou