Software Technology



The aim of the project is to present

  • A company of our own invention  (Live Music Events)
  • A detailed description of the of the needed software system
  • A report of all its requirements and restrictions 
  • A report of its cost estimation and the timetable for its development
Presentation slides of the system (Greek)
The file contains the presentation-slides of the initial idea for the software system, that was done in front of the class.
Microsoft Power Point Presentation 240.5 KB
Live Music Events Organising (Greek)
The initial presentation of a software system aiding the organization of live music events
Adobe Acrobat Document 162.6 KB
System's Requirements and Restrictions (Greek)
A report describing in detail all the requirements and restrictions for/of the software system
Adobe Acrobat Document 2.4 MB
Detailes System Description (Greek)
A detailed description of the software system
Adobe Acrobat Document 3.8 MB
System's cost estimation (Greek)
An estimation of the total cost of the software system that is supposed to be under development
Adobe Acrobat Document 424.3 KB



Teammates:     Xionidis Giannis,  Nikos Parastatidis